About Bijoux Laudine

I was born with an obsession for all the awesome, wonderful things you can use to make jewelry … beads, rhinestones, cabochons, feathers, and more. I very clearly remember the broken jet glass bracelet I used to play with, it disappeared one day because it “was broken” … mom just didn’t understand! I remember the Japanese Murano-style bead necklace I used to wear when I was young, I loved the feel of those satiny glass beads running through my fingers. That necklace is long gone now, but I was very excited to find similar glass beads many decades later!

I have a huge collection of glass beads, rhinestones, pendants, cabochons and more that I’ve collected over the decades, and I’m very excited about turning them into jewelry. My vision is of jewelry designs with strong yet exquisitely feminine lines, colours, and textures; designs that make a strong visual statement, yet are adaptable to a day in the office, or a night on the town. Most of my designs are made of darker antiqued metals, because they look wonderful with the strong colours and textures I love. 

Quality is a cornerstone of Bijoux Laudine. The jewelry I create uses high quality metal components made of nickel and lead free brass, copper, titanium, sterling silver, and pewter from Europe, the USA, and occasionally Israel. I also use some high quality hypoallergenic 316 or 304 grade stainless steel components.

All my jewelry pieces are created by me here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Welcome to Bijoux Laudine,
Rita Maria, Artisan and Proprietor. 

For questions about my jewelry, or enquiries about custom designs, please contact me at rita@bijouxlaudine.com.